Our Approach

We will never employ some cookie-cutter; one size fits all approach to our client partnerships. While we recognize that a robotic, script driven, reservation center mentality may indeed offer some cost benefit for certain organizations; we prefer to partner with companies whose approach to business travel is more than numbers on a page. In fact, we are one of the few mid-market travel firms whose philosophical foundation rests on a commitment to a Travel Program that is as unique as each client.

Before the first reservation is made, our sales and client services team will interview the key employees responsible for policy decisions, travel coordination, and financial reporting in an effort to determine their expectations and desires. We will also analyze previous travel patterns and data in order to better understand what aspects of the program are working well, and identify opportunities for improvement. Only then can we develop a Travel Program and pricing strategy that is appropriate for those clients’ unique goals. We often describe our role as part facilitator, part consultant, part logistics, and part therapist … you get the picture.

Are you ready for a departure from the ordinary?