Our Qualifications

The foundation of our business relationship rests in the capable hands of travel consultants that average over 21 years of industry experience. Don’t think that makes a difference? We suggest that you try calling one of the airlines or online agency reservation centers in the middle of a weather “event”. With Classic Travel & Tours, we are confident that you will experience a peace of mind that can be elusive in this fast-paced, ever-changing world of corporate travel.

Our clients are supported by the latest travel automation and software products, some of which are offered exclusively by Classic Travel & Tours.

Here are some of the advantages you will receive as a client of Classic Travel & Tours:

  • Assisted and online reservation capabilities utilizing five different booking tools … one with an integrated travel expense reimbursement capability
  • Real-time tracking of all client flights and pro-active intervention by travel consultants in the event of an extended flight delay, cancellation, or missed connection
  • Un-used ticket tracking and reporting so as to minimize or eliminate the expense of spoilage
  • Nearly limitless possibilities for Travel Data Reporting and Benchmarking conveniently packaged and delivered to your Inbox
  • Exclusive Classic Travel & Tours hotel relationships built by aggregating our collective client volumes in key business cities throughout the US