Travel Technology

Whether we like it or not, technology pervades nearly every aspect of our life … and corporate travel is no exception. At Classic Travel & Tours, we evaluate every technology solution through YOUR eyes. Will it enhance the travel reservation experience or expense reimbursement process for your employees? Will it provide you better insight as to how your money is being spent, and what kind of return on that investment are you getting? Will it allow us to better advocate or intervene on your behalf in the event of unforeseen circumstances? We simply will not license or deploy technology solutions simply because they are “cool” or the “flavor of the month”.

The integration of technology must have a direct benefit for the traveler and/or organization as a whole … or it is not going to make it on the list below. These solutions are here because we believe strongly that their use by our clients will result in some tangible or quantifiable enhancement to your Travel Program.

So go ahead and browse the details, watch the slide shows outlining the benefits of these solutions. We believe you are likely to find one or more technologies that could help.

Reservation & Online Booking Technologies


  • Amadeus e-Travel Management (Details) (Demo)

    Amadeus e-Travel Management simplifies the process of making travel arrangements. Originally developed by Oracle, this user-friendly online booking tool is easy to configure and is our most cost effective solution to deploy for clients.

travel gpa

  • Concur Premier Travel (formerly Cliqbook) (Demo)

    Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel booking, itinerary tracking and expense management solutions. The online booking tool offers a streamlined, intuitive user experience with the ability to accept electronic receipts from most travel providers. Easy profile creation and updating make it sure to please even the most techno-savvy person on your payroll.

  • Concur Premier Travel Expense (Details)

    Concur Premier Travel Expense ensures that employees create and submit accurate, in-policy expense reports that managers can easily review, approve, process and audit. Organizations often overlook the cost savings that are possible by automating this small, but labor intensive process.

Flight Tracking & Itinerary Management

flight stats

  • Flight Stats (Website)

    It’s no secret that airline flights are more crowded today than ever before. And while this is healthy for airline profits … it has a number of unfortunate consequences for the traveling public. With so few available seats, weather events and other disruptions to the system have “ripple effects” that result in chaos for those affected. Wouldn’t it be great if your travel agent automatically tracked every flight you were on, got notified immediately of any delays or cancellations, and automatically moved you to the next available flight? Yeah … we do that!

flight stats

  • Check My Trip (Website)

    Go paperless! No need to print out your travel itinerary – using Check My Trip allows you direct mobile access to your travel itinerary in a clear, concise format.

Travel Reporting & Data Analytics

  • Grasp Travel Reporting Solutions (Demo)

    We believe that the best way to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of your Travel Program is through the effective use of a travel data reporting tool. Our solution (Grasp Data) offers Classic Travel & Tours clients a completely customizable, on-demand reporting solution at their fingertips, or if you prefer, Classic Travel & Tours can deliver a pre-determined batch of reports to multiple recipients on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The solution also includes an executive dashboard function that allows users a custom designed snapshot overview of their travel purchasing in various categories.


  • Grasp Credit Card Reconciliation

    Let Classic Travel & Tours assist you with the cumbersome task of reconciling your monthly credit/travel card statement against actual booked (reservation) data. We will validate all listed charges, including refunds and exchanges, and provide a variety of reporting options for your internal use (by department, cost code, employee, etc.). Clients that bill travel & entertainment expenses through to their customers find this service extremely helpful and a great time saver for their stretched accounting staff.

For further information, or to schedule a demo, regarding any of the technologies above, please contact Danny Heiry at or 804-379-2200.